painting cycle 2010 – 2011

  Nocturno. Divertimento No.1, 2010 Visión del Citlaltépetl No. 4, 2010

Homenaje a Gerardo Murillo.
Citlaltépetl, 2010 Lavanda, 2010

2010. Solo exhibition An unassailable light. Museum of Anthropology of Xalapa. As part of the cultural activity of the
Bicentenary of the Independence of Mexico.
· Retrospective exhibition Lucille Wong: Four decades of painting, at the Museo El Cuartel del Arte.
Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico. A catalogue with text of E. R. Blackaller is published.
· 2011. Solo exhibition Recent Work. Patricia Mendoza Gallery. Baja California.
· Exhibition Nudes, flowers, sceneries. Centro Cultural La paz. Baja California Sur, México.


Destellos dorados, 2011

Homenaje a Turner No. 3, 2011

Volcán a la luz de la luna, 2011


        La sombra, 2011

         Viento solar, 2011


Owner of a personal accent (the pictures denounce her, do not need signature) and fundamental motives and interrogations, her work safeguards the essential astonishment of the human being: Each image is custody. On the subjects that mature in her paintings speak the titles, the designation and the sincerity of her great cycles: the embodiment of the stupor in front of the immense, the frightening rites of her religions, the superior force of the unexpected and the soft resplendence of the movements and disguises of water is called Guilin, Iguazú, Xinantécatl, Citlaltépetl...

   E. R. Blackaller

  Galería Sumi-e   Galería caballos

Lucille Wong: Retrospective.
Four decades of painting.
Catalog, 2010
Text of E. R. Blackaller


Digital, catalog, 2012


Looks on the Citlaltépetl
Digital, catalog, 2012

  Galería Sumi-e    Galería caballos  

DVD Inasible Light
Exhibition in the MAX
, 2010


2 DVD Retrospective.
Four decades of painting
. 2010


2010. Video on the individual Exhibition Inasible light presented in the Museum of Anthropology of Xalapa. Mexico.
A light inasible, 2010    

Horizonte, 2011

Murmullos, 2011

Mar y brisa, 2011


Fulgor, 2011

Esplendor, 2011

Rumor del viento, 2011



Resplandor del sol, 2011

2012 Digital drawing Zen brush

Nube, 2012

Lluvia, 2012

Mariposa, 2012

Gota, 2012


2012. A permanent exhibition is inaugurated in Patricia Mendoza Gallery of San José del Cabo, BCS.
· The Cultural Center San Ángel invites her to take part in a collective exhibition together with most renowned artists who have had their ateliers in San Ángel, like Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and Leonardo Nierman among others.
· Publishes the book of digital drawings The light, the time, the fleeting.
· Begins a pictorial cycle about the Desert and the nature of the Baja California peninsula.


The light, the time, the fleeting. Digital drawings book with Zen brush. 2012


DVD Flowers, Landscapes and Nudes
Retrospective in BCS. 2012


Yegua de crin dorada, 2012

Caballo en azul, 2012

Caballo en dorado, 2012


Patio de jacarandas y duraznos, 2012

Flowers, landscapes and nudes. 2012 The dance of life, 2013  

2013. Participates in the IX Biennale of Contemporary Art. In Firenze, Italy.

painting cycle 2012 – 2017

Sol en La Giganta, 2013

Oasis, 2013

Finisterra, 2013


La danza del sol, 2013

La danza de la luna, 2013


Lirios blancos, 2013    
painting cycle 2012 – 2017


Isla espíritu santo, 2014


Cielo rojo, 2014





Dunas, 2014

Tres cirios, 2014


Rosas del desierto, 2014


Las tres vírgenes, 2014


Danza del principio y el fin, 2014

Diálogo del sol, 2014

La Giganta solar, 2014


2014. Collective exhibition: LE BIZ Lounge, Paris / Hall "The Guinguette", Toutry, Burgundy. France.

painting cycle

Instante de luz No. 12, 2015

Instante de luz No. 4, 2015

Instante de luz No. 8, 2015


2015. Solo exhibition: The dance of life, Unit of Seminars Ignacio Chavez, UNAM
· She takes part in the collective Exhibition: Women in the art, UAEM
· Participates in the collective exhibition: The Landscape, a contemporary vision, Artemiza Gallery,
Ciudad Obregón, Sonora. Mexico.

2016. She integrates to the committee of directors of the AMCATH (Academia Mexicana de Ciencias, Artes, Tecnología y Humanidades), along with distinguished personalities of the National University, Mexico.


Caballo blanco, 2016



Corcel y viento, 2016


Caballo dorado, 2016


Eclipse rojo 2016   


Rosas rojas y flores, 2016

Árbol de Huanacaxtle, 2016

Viggé biaundo. Olivo, 2016


Behind the gaze there is the life, the memory and the remembrances; memory and remembrances are stored and configured since the artist is born (perhaps earlier) until the brush on the canvas is applied.
At that moment not only the individual memory works, but also the memory of the peoples and the times.

  E. R. Blackaller


2017. The World Council of Visual Artists (COMAV) invites her to participate in International Collective Exhibition: World Day of Art.
· Exposes in the Congress of the AMCATH.
· The Niagara Falls History Museum invites her to take part in the Collective Exhibition: Water for life, to be celebrated in 2018.



El abismo

El abismo está ahí
preñado de silencio

un algo otro estremecedor

¿Cuál es el proceso?
¿Qué fuerza impulsa a crear?

Crear es un trabajo de vida, concebir un cosmos.

Y cuando se gesta la luz
como se gesta la criatura en el vientre materno,
no queda más que . . . nacer

  Lucille Wong




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