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  . . . all that Lucille Wong retains and materializes through her illumination does not stagnate on the surface. Rather, it speaks of stratification and vein, the telluric acknowledgement of the ravages of time, a clear testimony of an adult pupil who has evolved from bewilderment to brightness. / Alfonso Sánchez Arteche  

Guilin. Montañas. 1983

  Sol nuevo
      Ciclo pictórico. 2000
  Tiempo Abrasado. Xinantécatl
      Exposición. Museo de Bellas Artes de Toluca, 1998


Xinantécatl: scorched time. My trip to seven volcanic enclaves. Lucille Wong
  Santorini (584 m). Although the trip over the Aegean Sea was plagued by bad weather, it did not affect either the reason for or spirit of our journey. In fact, it was a celebratory voyage. Long-desired and for many other reasons, this trip meant visiting a land beloved for its art and culture . . .


Xinantécatl. Manantial de piedra. 2003

Ronco sol. 2004

The skin of memory. Alfonso Sánchez Arteche
  With its violent eruptions, convulsions and pacification, life has a volcanic quality. Beginning with a series of sudden explosions, everything finally settles into a silent, crystallized layer at the mercy of erosion. These are the scars of time . . .

El volcán, la piedra y la luz. 2003

      Ciclo pictórico. 2010



Nocturno Divertimento No. 1. 2010

Citlaltépetl : Registro interior. 2010





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